Détail de la soirée internationale du mercredi :

5:00 pm First part : European and International Research: a state of the art

  •     5:00 pm Invited speech (45 min): Mike Sharples : International challenges for TEL and how to address them in Europe
  •     5:45 pm Invited Speakers (40 min): International current research projects
    •         Ralf Klamma : The Legacy and Future of Research Networks in Technology-Enhanced Learning

Networks of Excellence have been tremendously successful to make the European Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) community. PROLEARN, Kaleidoscope, STELLAR and GALA created a number of sustainable assets like conferences, summer/winter schools, societies and journals. We can present them as lessons learnt about what have worked so far. However, there are lot of challenges as well. Quality assurance, inter-networking, technological innovation and stable open source software platforms are only a few to mention. In this presentation, I present some insights from social network analysis of the TEL community and some rough ideas about sustaining and growing research networks in TEL.

  •         Fridolin Wild : Performance Augmentation

Augmented Reality (AR) gained momentum in recent years, branching out beyond mere object-superimposition in marketing to more complex use cases. Other than Virtual Reality, AR refers to enhancing regular human perception with additional, artificially generated sensory inputs, merging natural and digital offers into a combined experience. Obviously, such novel technology is relevant to education and training. AR offers potential especially for human performance augmentation: to improve efficiency and effectiveness of learners through extended live guidance. In this talk, Dr. Wild will introduce to the concept of Performance Augmentation and report on latest findings from the R&D projects ARPASS, WEKIT, and TCBL.

  •     6:25 pm Discussion (15 min)

6:40 pm Break : 15 minutes
6:55 pm : Second part (1h15) : ORPHEE and its European and international perspectives

  • Round-table (30 min) ORV Challenges : Invited speakers and Workshops representatives discuss what could be the Grand Challenges for the next years. Moderator : Philippe Dessus
  • Round-table (45 min) :  How to work together in Europe in the next Future (ARV, European networks, risks and opportunities) Mike Sharple, Ralf Klamma, Fridolin Wild, Serge Garlatti (ORPHEE Leader), Lone Dirlink (TELEARC), Katherine Maillet (EATEL), Philippe Dessus (Orphée International WP), Alain Mille (moderator)

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