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Knowledge Modelling and Processing for the Social Semantic Web
Abstract in english: 

My research activity stands in the field of knowledge modelling and processing, with a focus on representing and reasoning on social ecosystems on the Web. In my work, not only digital resources are modelled but also users, users' knowledge and users' activities, in order to contribute to weaving a social semantic Web. 
My contributions will be presented according four axes: (1) The first axis deals with modelling and reasoning on formal representations of digital resources shared within epistemic communities for efficient management. (2) The second axis complements the first one by addressing the modelling of users, community members and communities to improve the management of shared digital resources. (3) The third axis supports the previous ones addressing the challenges of graph-based knowledge representation and reasoning on the semantic Web. (4) The fourth axis expands this focus to the development of foundational solutions for Linked Data management, dealing with generating RDF data from heterogeneous data and conversely transforming RDF data into various data formats, including the problems of validating RDF data and learning ontologies from the Web of data. 

Université de rattachement: 
University of Nice Sophia Antipolis
Laboratoire de rattachement: 
Laboratoire I3S
Date de soutenance: 
Lundi, 12 juin, 2017
Lieu et heure de la soutenance: 

Le 12 Juin à 14h, salle Euler Bleu, Inria Sophia Antipolis

Composition du jury: 

Nathalie Aussenac Gilles, research director, CNRS, IRIT (reviewer) 
Fabien Gandon, research director, Université Côte d’Azur, Inria, CNRS, I3S 
Jean-Marc Labat, professor, Université Pierre et Marie Curie 
Marie-Christine Rousset, professor, Université Grenoble-Alpes (reviewer) 
Harald Sack, professor, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (reviewer) 

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