7th International Workshop on Culturally-Aware Tutoring Systems (CATS2024)

Date limite de soumission: 
13 mai, 2024

CATS2024 will be a hybrid event and invites submissions of research papers at varying levels of development as well as position papers. Further information (suggested topics, paper format, submission procedure, registration) is available at : 

Dates de début et fin de la manifestation: 
8 juillet, 2024 - 12 juillet, 2024

Research has shown that culture has an impact on educational practices as well as on many learning-related domains such as cognition, motivation, and emotions, which naturally attracted the attention of the AIED community.

Although the most influential intelligent educational technologies have been created by and for the Developed World, an increasing number of these systems are designed with different contexts in mind, and more and more intercultural evaluations are reported. Recent publications also discuss large-scale efforts to use AI to reach students in under-resourced, and marginalized contexts with the hope of improving life outcomes of their inhabitants.

Therefore, the 2024 edition of the CATS workshop will engage interested researchers in a conversation on how to take culture and context into account in the design and operations of educational systems, and will discuss issues such as (but not limited to):

  • What features of culture are important to consider in the design process of AIED systems?
  • Can educational technologies designed and developed in a specific cultural context transfer to other parts of the World and remain effective?
  • How to embed culturally-adaptive mechanisms into intelligent educational technologies?

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